QUIMIDROGA has developed a Code of Ethics with a view to maintaining its commitment of compliance and respect for legality, within the framework of implementation and revision of its Corporate Compliance program.

The Code of Ethics of QUIMIDROGA includes the values and principles that should serve as guidelines for the actions of all employees, suppliers, associates and other natural or legal persons related to the Company, in order to guarantee their professional, ethical and responsible behaviour in the exercise of their professional activity.

Likewise, QUIMIDROGA has produced an Anti-Corruption Policy which reiterates the firm commitment of the Company to fight against corruption and bribery by developing the norms contained in the Code of Ethics in this matter. The Anti-Corruption Policy of QUIMIDROGA establishes behaviour guidelines to be followed by all employees, both in their commercial decisions and in the daily development of their professional activity.

At the same time, QUIMIDROGA incorporates an Ethical Channel through which anyone can report any non-compliance.

QUIMIDROGA supports the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development for which it has a solid sustainability strategy based on four action lines: education and training, environment and sustainability, well-being and occupational health and reduction of inequalities.