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The Website of Quimidroga S. A. aims to provide knowledge on the various companies that form the Quimidroga Group and about the products and services that they offer and provide.

QUIMIDROGA reserves the right to unilaterally modify the presentation and configuration of the Website, as well as its corresponding services and required conditions of use, without incurring any right of compensation in favour of the user.


The user is required to use this Website and its services diligently, according to the law, to morality and public order, and in compliance with the general and particular conditions here stated that may be applicable. Furthermore, the user must abstain from using this Website and its services in any way that may prevent the normal functioning and enjoyment of users of the Website and its related services, or that may cause damage to the goods and rights of QUIMIDROGA, its suppliers, users or, in general, any third party.

In particular, this enumeration being in no way restrictive of the general scope of the liabilities stated in the abovementioned paragraph, when using this Website and its related services the user is obliged to:

a) Not introduce, store or disseminate, either through this Website or through any of its related services any software, data, virus, code or any other tool or electronic device that may be susceptible of damaging this Website, any of its related services or equipment, systems or networks of QUIMIDROGA, of any user, supplier or, in general, any third party. Avoid any action that may otherwise cause any kind of alteration or impediment to the normal functioning of this Website.

b) Not use false identities or impersonate others when using this Website or any of its related services, either by the use of passwords or access codes belonging to third persons or by any other means.

c) Not destroy, alter, disable or damage data, information, programs or electronic documents of QUIMIDROGA, its suppliers or third parties.

d) Not use contents and in particular any information obtained through this Website in order to distribute advertising, send messages with selling purposes or any other commercial scope, or to collect or store personal data of third parties.


Users acknowledge that all elements of this Website and each of the services provided through it, the information and materials contained therein, the structure, selection, arrangement and presentation of its contents and the software used, are either protected by intellectual and industrial property rights of QUIMIDROGA or by those of third parties.

Users shall not reproduce, transform, modify, disassemble, reverse engineer, distribute, rent, lend, make available or allow access to the public through any means of public communication of any of the elements referred to in the previous paragraph.

Users shall use the materials, elements and information that they access through the Website and each corresponding service solely for their own needs, and shall not directly or indirectly perform a commercial exploitation of the services or materials, elements and information obtained through them.

Users shall refrain from suppressing any distinguishing signs of rights (of intellectual property, industrial property or any other kind) of QUIMIDROGA or of third parties appearing on the Website and of each of the various services offered through it.

Likewise, users shall refrain from avoiding or manipulating any technical devices installed by QUIMIDROGA or by third parties for the protection of its rights, either on the Website, in any of the services or materials, elements or information obtained through it.



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QUIMIDROGA cannot guarantee its users the perfect functioning of the Website and its related services at all times, including quick, uninterrupted and error-free usage. Similarly, QUIMIDROGA does not grant any guarantee regarding the suitability and content of the Website or any of its related services to satisfy the users’ specific needs.

The content of the Website only contains features and general information that may vary over time.
QUIMIDROGA will act diligently and according to generally accepted uses in the sector in order to avoid the presence on the Website or in any of its related services of viruses or other harmful elements that could cause alterations in the computer system of the user, in its electronic documents or files. Nevertheless, it cannot guarantee the absence of such elements, and is not to be held liable for the damages that they may cause.

QUIMIDROGA does not control, nor does it own or guarantee the accuracy, quality, veracity, reliability or suitability of the information and services provided or supplied by third parties through the Website. Likewise, it does not control and does not guarantee the absence of viruses or other harmful elements in the contents or services provided or supplied by third parties through the Website.

QUIMIDROGA does not guarantee the technical availability, the quality, reliability, accuracy or veracity of the contents and services available in websites owned or managed by third parties that the user may access through links on the Website. QUIMIDROGA does not control the contents of such websites and it does not offer or market their available products and services, nor does it assume any liability for them.


Notwithstanding any liability for damages that may arise, QUIMIDROGA may conclude and terminate its relationship with the users immediately and without prior notice, interrupting their access to the Website or its corresponding services, shall it detect that they are being used contrary to the applicable general or particular conditions.


For any doubts, questions or differences that may arise with regard to the interpretation and application of these general conditions, Spanish law will apply and the competent jurisdiction will be that of the Courts and Tribunals of Barcelona.

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