Topical Products

1,3 Butylene Glycol ( Synthetic or Vegetable based )Emollients / Moisturizers107-88-0
Caprylic Capric TriglyceridesEmollients / Moisturizers
D-Panthenol (Pure, 50%P, 50%W ,75%W)Actives
Glucam(TM) E-10Emollients / MoisturizersConfidencial
Glycolic Acid 70% AND 99% (Glypure®)Actives
Isododecano (Purolan® IDD)Emollients / Moisturizers93685-81-5 / 13475-82-7
Isoeicosane (Purolan® IEC)Emollients / Moisturizers93685-79-1
Isohexadecano (Purolan® IHD)Emollients / Moisturizers
Pharma Oil USP/EP/FCC (Light, Medium, Heavy) (Aemoil)Emollients / Moisturizers8042-47-5
Polysorbate 20 USP/E-432Emulsifiers / Coemulsifiers
Triethyl Citrate (Citrofol® AI)Actives
Vegetable Glycerin USP/EP/E-422Emollients / MoisturizersThe glycerin is one of the most important ing...56-81-5