Flame retardants for the polyurethane industry

Watch this video.[vc_video link="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=piofZLySsNc "]It takes just over 2 minutes for a room to burn completely from the moment a fire breaks out. At the same time, according to the

Flame Retardants

DEEPNon Halogenated Fr
Expandable Graphite 250Non Halogenated Fr
Liquid Chlorinated ParafinHalogenated FRFire retardant plasticizers for PVC...
Martinal® ATHNon Halogenated Fr
MelamineNon Halogenated Fr108-78-1203-615-4
TBEPNon Halogenated Fr
TCPPHalogenated FR
TCPP - LOHalogenated FR
TDCPHalogenated FR
TEPNon Halogenated Fr