Quimidroga is fully committed to Quality, Safety and Environment and constantly improving in all areas of activity, actively participating through various working committees in local and international associations and organisations such as FEIQUE or FECC.

The company’s policy is to continuously seek excellence in risk prevention and health and environmental protection. This spirit is transmitted to all of our collaborators and employees in order to guarantee that all storage and transport operations rigorously comply with all safety standards.

Both our customers and suppliers fully trust in the organisation of Quimidroga due to its extensive experience and high reputation with regard to the proper treatment of the products as well as the waste, ensuring a sustainable disposal that complies with Health, Safety and Environment.

Quimidroga has implemented an Integrated Quality, Safety and Environmental Management System, following Standards UNE EN-ISO 9001:2015, UNE-EN 14001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007, which covers all of its activities.

On March 1st 1999, Quimidroga joined the International Responsible Care Programme (Initiative of the Chemical Industry to improve Health, Safety and Environment).

Furthermore, Quimidroga has joined the initiative of the chemical sector “Together for Sustainability” designed to ensure the sustainability within the supply chain. Thanks to our high commitment, we became supporters of the “Golden Seal”, the highest attainable prestige level.

From April 2006 on, Quimidroga had its work method validated in these areas through the SQAS Distributor/ESAD (European Single Assessment Document).

All the facilities of Quimidroga meet the APPCC requirements regarding food products, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

Besides, our Logistic Complex located in the Port of Barcelona has the certification of Fami-QS for feed products.