There are 18 storage warehouses with a total surface of 30,000 m2 offering a storage capacity of 35,000 t. for the handling and storage of packaged products.

There are 37 loading and unloading docks with a reception, dispatch and cross-docking area of 5,000m2.

All of which run by SAP ECC 6.0 and radio frequency systems thus ensuring a full traceability in our handlings.

We count on:

  • Warehouses dedicated and equipped to store classified products (flammable, corrosive, toxic, etc.).
  • Separate warehouses for specialties and additives intended for the food industry and equipped with cold storage chambers and moisture control.
  • Storage warehouse with temperature control (cold-hot) for industrial products.
  • High density warehouse with automatic goods entry and departure and operated by wire-guided trilateral forklifts.