In accordance with the scenario of globalisation and internationalisation, Quimidroga is capable of efficiently distributing products manufactured in distant countries as well as those manufactured locally or in Europe.

Consistent with this reality, Quimidroga covers all phases of the supply chain uniting our suppliers’ offer with our customers’ demand.

On the one hand, with our logistics and distribution centres whose operations of storage, packaging and handling provide significant added value to the commercialised products.

On the other hand, with our excellent connection to the different ground, maritime and air transport systems that enables us fast and efficient sourcing and distribution of goods.

Our company manages the supply chain of raw materials flexibly and transparently considering the Safety, the Quality and the Environment as key elements.

Quimidroga uses technological developments to the greatest extent in order to quickly prepare orders so the goods reach our customers within the agreed deadlines all while complying with the quality and safety levels required.

The efficient use of our warehouses and distribution centres, located in the main nodes of the industrial clusters and the capacity of the commercial and logistics teams – experts in performing all types of national and international procurement transactions and cross-trade – are the fundamental factors of Quimidroga to successfully entering the most faraway markets in the world.