Quimidroga’s Commercial Organization counts on 26 Business Areas being the real engine of the commercial activity. These Business Units very carefully manage the different product families depending on their nature, and establishing a clear product differentiation between specialties, industrial or common chemicals and plastics/rubbers.

The Sales Offices located in Spain, together with our affiliates and agents in different countries such as Portugal, France, Italy, Morocco, Algeria, Turkey, Egypt and Nigeria complete the commercial team of Quimidroga.

Our Sales Offices and Affiliates are formed by in-house personnel, highly experienced in sales and mostly university graduates, and offer a tailor-made service to customers in their respective areas.

Our Export Area is responsible for the international coordination of activities with our Affiliates and agents in different continents.

The Technical Management and the Quality, Safety and Environment team are responsible for offering technical support and advice to the entire sales network.

Full range of additives, ingredients and formulated products for food and feed.

Business Areas:

Wide range of raw materials and specialties for body and personal care products, toothpastes, decorative cosmetics, perfumes and flavours production, liquid and solid detergents for domestic and industrial use.

Intermediate products for the chemical/pharmaceutical synthesis and dyes. Line of excipients and active principles for pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and veterinary specialties.

Business Areas:

Resins, hardeners, additives as well as a large variety of auxiliary products for the construction and civil engineering industry.

Polyester resins, fibreglass, technical fabrics and a wide range of specialties for the manufacture of reinforced plastic and composites (boats, pools, wind mill turbines, pipes, anticorrosion systems, etc.).

Business Areas:

Wide range of specialties for all types of water treatment systems (industrial, pools, etc.).

Auxiliary products for the textile and tanning industry. Raw materials for paper and cardboard making. Additives for mineral flotation and grinding. Additives for frits, ceramics and screen-printing vehicles.

Business Areas:

Complete range of raw materials and specialties for the production of polyurethane rigid and flexible foams and C.A.S.E. (coatings, adhesives, sealants, elastomers).

Resins, pigments, additives and all types of specialties for the production of paints and varnishes for decoration, woodwork, industry, maintenance, automotive industry, metallography, powder painting, etc.

Resins, pigments and specialties for the production of all types of adhesives (aqueous base, solvent, hot-melt, etc.), printing inks and master batches. Specialties for the production of resins and dispersions.

Business Areas:

Wide range of base oils for lubricants. Additives for lubricants and fuels.

As well as a great variety of raw materials for the formulation of antifreezes, brake fluids and gas industry.

Business Areas:

Technical and common plastics, natural and synthetic rubber and latex, suspension and emulsion PVC, plasticisers, lubricants, silicones, silanes and auxiliary chemical products and fillers.

Bioriented and special films. Polyethylenes (high, medium and low density), Linear and Metallocene Polyethylenes, EVA/EBA Copolymers, Bioplastics, Mineral Filler Compounds, etc.

Wide range of Polystyrenes (crystal, medium and high impact) and EPS. Polypropylenes (homopolymers, Impact and Random Copolymers).

Business Areas:

Wide range of soluble crystalline fertilisers for plant nutrition as well as raw materials for the formulation and production of liquid and solid fertilisers and phytosanitary products.

Business Areas:

Wide range of solvents of all types – conventional, special, ecological, custom blending, etc.
Intermediate chemicals for the manufacture of all types of resins.

Wide range of inorganic chemicals. Common monomers. Acrylic, methacrylate and special monomers. Ethylene glycols.

Full range of Ethanolamines.

Business Areas: